The University of Washington

Bachelors of Art, Interaction Design


Lots and lots of research based projects with a focus on creating unique solutions in difficult design spaces. This has developed my skills as a designer quite a bit. I feel that I can tackle any challenge that comes my way.


The first research project of senior year for me. Working in the design space of IOT in assisted living we started by doing some secondary research on the design space we wanted to work in and then we created some initial project Ideas. Based on that we met with nurses and people living in nursing homes and got some really powerful insights from that. Mostly “I hate getting woken up every night to get my vitals checked”. That guided out focus of the project into helping people living in nursing homes live with minimal disruption will also alleviating the massive workload of the nurses.


Working from home has become a stale subject to design for because the past all of our classes have been focused on it. For this project we chose to look at it from a different scope and think about the people that will continue to work from home even after the pandemic is over.


This was a 9-week project that we had where the only structure was to design a solution and we got assigned the topic of connecting humans to non-living human things. We chose a very different idea than other people, germs. We thought it would be interesting to stay away from the general theme people were staying with, being dogs, cats, and house plants.

We had a series of different projects leading us through the process of design. This included huge ideation activities where we had to come up with hundreds of ideas for our projects, as well as periods of research where we would interview people or have people participate in our design workshops. We documented all of these activities with different posters. In the last week and a half of class, we began the prototyping phase where I designed some ideas for an interface and created a video/poster to show it off.


Below you will see many projects from my freshman and sophomore year that were not interaction design based, they were focued on the artistic side of design. The Design Principals.

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