I worked on many small projects at the beginning of my internship at Kimberly-Clark to prove myself. The internally-facing enterprise realm of Kimberly-Clark is a big design challenge. Most of the sites were developed without UX involvement. Many of the enterprise applications suffered from poor UX. It was an interesting perspective to work from – to take an already working application, divine the requirements to understand how it works, and suggest UX improvements.

Measurement Product (Research)

I’m currently working independently on a large-scale research project for the enterprise analytics dashboard platform.

Starting off with a quick heuristic evaluation of the product gave insights to move on to the survey phase. After synthesizing the data, the navigation is the first point of attack so the next step is building a card sorting exercise based off the insights from my research.


Calculators have become quite a staple for me here at Kimberly-Clark. Every month or so my manager sends me an Email titled: “New Calculator”. Each time they’re always accompanied with a unique excel sheet with vague requirements which makes kind of interesting puzzle to work on. Projects like these really help me develop my creative thinking and each time it gets easier to work in ambiguous design spaces.

Metadata Image Repository

Speaking of ambiguous design spaces, the brief for this project was “Image repository with the ability to upload and edit metadata”. This project wasn’t a redesign, it was creating something completely new. It was the second project I worked on at Kimberly-Clark and it was quite intimidating at first, for me. Working through issues with the stakeholders was an extremely helpful learning experience and I’ve built on that experience in every project I worked on since then.

Content Browser Landing Page

This is an example of a redesign of a developer-created enterprise application. On the left you will see the previous design vs. the redesign on the right. Although the finished product was not something I expected to see, the stakeholders for this project were challenging to please and rejected a lot of my original designs. In the end, they were really happy with the finished product and while some good UX was sacrificed to get there, I am happy that they are satisfied and that the Content Hub is improved.

Depend Rewards Landing

Sometimes you hit the mark on the first try. This project took me the better part of a couple hours. After some quick sketching I did some wireframes and sent them off to the brand manager and they really liked the design. I turned it into a full scale design and sent it on its way!

Huggies AU CRM

This was an interesting project to work on because it was the first time that I worked on a project for a different region. I started off making (what I thought were) some visually appealing designs and then A B testing them on user using a strict screener for only Australian participants. As it turned out, they hated my designs and loved the older, dated looking designs. I then took that information and created something in the middle (what you see below). The biggest thing I took away from this is that different cultures may have different reactions and needs around Design.

University of Washington

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