We all know the classic ways of budgeting. Creating categories, tracking expenses, following a strict budget, setting aside specific amounts of money every month. All of these things require self control, accountability, and much more. I decided to do an exploration into alternate ways to save money that don't require anything listed above.

digital touchpoints

Use "view all" or the first photo in each category to navigate to the respective pages. You will find a different tactic of saving money on each page ranging from showing disappointment to straight up preventing the purchase.

I wanted to create something lighthearted and fun that would also be effective. I think that this approach to saving money is unique in the fact that almost all current budget apps rely on some sort of self discipline.

physical touchpoints

tap them, I dare you!

ar shopping

Imagine going into a store and anything you look at you'll get told why you don't need to buy it.. you'd probably buy less stuff huh?

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